Hi there! Here’s a little bit about my eco-friendly journey. Although I am doing my best to research what best materials and companies to use for my shop, this is a huge learning process for me and there’s still so much for me to know about and change!

Although not always possible, I try using recyclable or recycled materials from smaller companies, in order to support independent retailers and have a smaller carbon foot print!

The joy of using small, artist led businesses is that when you support me by buying my work you also help a whole chain of other artists and small businesses! How great is that!!


I use cardboard hardback envelopes which are highly recyclable! As well as recyclable stickers, tissue paper, paper bags and confetti! I opted for recyclable items other than compostable options as I find that these are more accessible worldwide! These are all from a number of companies ranging from well known EU/UK brands to independent local etsy sellers!

All plastics and bubble wrap have been salvaged before being thrown away as waste by others – so please continue the chain and re-use!

Most of my cardboard boxes, cushioning for fragile items and mailing tubes have been taken from other retailers before they got disposed of, so please do the same and re-use or recycle!

I also have old stock of non recycled papers and other items I continue to use until stock lasts, which will be replaced by more environmentally friendly options in the future.


My paper goods are printed by UK and local shop such as Dopple Press, Stampa, Colourfast and Moo. I like working with small, independent, family-led companies! These brands have beautiful quality printed goods while also doing wonders to the environment!

Find out a little bit about my main printing sources:

Stampa is “a member of the Woodland Trust carbon capture scheme, which enables businesses to offset their carbon impact by planting trees”. They also have a big recycling scheme in their office, as well as recycled and FSC paper stocks from sustainable sources!

Dopple Press creates beautiful riso prints and as they put it: “Riso is the only  environmentally friendly form of printing and when you work with Dopple you should know we take that seriously only stocking 100% recycled paper and packaging.”


My ceramic goods are all handmade by me either in my tiny home studio or in a local ceramic studio just down the road, where I borrow their wheels and kiln! That’s where I had my first proper classes and learned everything I know! Now I work independently but I’m still practising and learning every day!

I use earthenware clays and Duncan Concepts glazes! My firing helps support another small business led by artists!

Thanks for reading about my process and sources. If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch! You can email me at or submit the form on my “Hello” page!